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15 Feb The Neal Anderson Quintet

Neal Anderson, a Detroit-based trumpeter, improviser and composer, self-released his debut album in 2015. “Parallel Fifths” which features all original music. The Neal Anderson Quintet is known for continuous performances weaving melody with improvisation. Neal Anderson earned a BFA in Jazz Studies from the University of...

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22 Jul Alex Levine Quartet

Fresh from a summer European tour, including a performance at the Ambria Jazz Festival, and a new recording project, the Alex Levine Quartet returns to Cliff Bells. ”Guitarist Levine, saxophonist Marcus Elliot, double bassist Ben Rolston, and drummer Stephen Boegehold are a group mind. The elements...

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19 Jul Caroline Davis & Maitri

"Imagine David Bowie producing a show featuring Sam Cooke songs as played by the Dirty Projectors." Translated from Sanskrit, Maitri (”my tree”) is an unconditional friendship and acceptance of yourself that extends outward to the world. This group was formed by Caroline Davis (voice/woodwinds) to...

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