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07 Sep Doug Deming & the Jeweltones

Eastside Detroit native Doug Deming, now hailing from Florida’s Gulf Coast, has garnered widespread attention for his deft guitar work and memorable songwriting. With a nod to the likes of T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian, as well as Luther Tucker and Robert Jr. Lockwood, Doug...

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06 Jun Charlie Ballantine

Charlie Ballantine is an internationally renowned, award winning, touring guitarist. He has been a featured headlining artist at notable events such as the Penrod Art Festival, The Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, The Indianapolis Jazz Festival, The Virginia Ave. Folk Festival, The Bloomington Jazz Festival, The...

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11 Jun Johnny Rhoades Band

The Detroit Music Award nominee is a Detroit native; guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Getting his start with Motor City Josh at the tender age of 19, Johnny has been on and off the road ever since; including tours to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and of...

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