Band photoStephane Wrembel


$20.00 Cover
Thursday, February 12th

A listening room atmosphere will be enforced!

“Intense and full of charisma.” – The New York Times

“a revelation” – Rolling Stone. 

Dreamers of Dreams Tour
Music speaks louder than words to describe a live performance of Wrembel’s band. Beyond genre, beyond technique, Stephane has discovered a new way to express music; taking his listeners on a musical journey into a world of his own.
In his new album, one can hear the echoes of his influences from Django Reinhardt to Pink Floyd. Wrembel harmoniously blends all his mastered techniques into one powerful, impressionist masterpiece that is Dreamers of Dreams.

Parisian born Wrembel – whose music embraces all styles and influence to create a truly signature sound – is being hailed as one of the world’s most dynamic and inspired players out there today. Wrembel is indeed a standout – not only for his undeniable skills but also for his unparalleled ability to create a unique and vivid listener experience.