The Sound

The sounds and styles you will hear at Cliff Bell’s runs across all genres in the diverse world of Jazz music. There is a lot that fits in that spectrum. From¬†traditional New Orleans brass bands to the Avant Guarde styles, Cliff Bell’s finds it very important to keep a diverse vanguard of music performed at the club. Music from all over the world will find its way to the Cliff Bell’s sunburst stage for the enjoyment of our guests. Detroit musicians are like family to us. Guests can see the finest of them on the stage on a weekly basis.

For the most part, Cliff Bell’s is a restaurant style setting. Cliff Bell’s doesn’t typically enforce a theater style presentation of Jazz music similar to that of other Jazz clubs.¬†Allowing patrons the opportunity to be able to converse and have a good time is important to us. Listening room engagement performances are held at Cliff Bell’s from time-to-time as well.

The only way to get a grasp of Cliff Bell’s reputation for music is to come in often on different nights, not just the weekends. We feature touring acts through out the week and those performances can be rather engaging.