Add One Pinch of Detroit Spirit

Flames flare on the grill, a lobster sherry reduction simmers, and steaming crocks of macaroni and cheese are pulled from the oven, all while the trumpet blasts and bass lines of jazz fill the air.  This is the Cliff Bell’s kitchen, home to Executive Chef Matt Baldridge.

First starting his career in 1999 at The Rattlesnake Club, Matt was presented with the opportunity to help restore the kitchen of this 1930’s-era club in 2008. Chef Matt has crafted a menu that combines French inspiration, soulful flavors, and the spirit of the American prohibition-era by working from menus discovered in the basement of the former speakeasy.  An avid supporter of local produce and sustainable product, Chef Matt works with local growers and urban farms to develop rotating seasonal menus featuring dishes that appeal to a variety of palates.  Matt manages his staff in the kitchen, located in the lower level of Cliff Bell’s, through packed-house nights of live jazz, private parties, elegant wine dinners, Sunday brunch, and one of the city’s most popular happy hours.

Matt is grateful to have the opportunity to work in such a unique establishment. He looks forward to continuing his collaboration with other area chefs to establish southeast Michigan as one of the best dining destinations nationwide.

Wondering what a night in the Cliff Bell’s kitchen looks like?  Take a peek here.